4 and 6 CORE ALIEN

These are all handmade custom coils currently using Ni chrome 80. These coils are a thing of beauty carefully crafted and inspected for quality all in the USA. These coils are all individually crafted and produce unbelievable flavor and vapor.


These are for the advanced only!!! They do not fit in all RDA’s!!! we know the RDA’s we sell are fine not saying others aren’t but modifications to post holes could be necessary and not the best for anything with a tight deck. They are Sub Ohm coils approx .09 Ohm’s on a dual coil build as you should know that would double on a single coil build. This limit’s the devices that can be used your device must be able to fire at that low sub ohm level.

•6 Core Alien:
6x29ga parallel cores alien wrapped in 37ga. All Twisted Messes N80.

•This premium build offers a warm to hot vape with dense clouds and levels of rich flavor. Engineered for parallel mech boxes, but great for any application that can fire under 0.1Ω.

•Approx. Resistance: 0.09Ω +/-