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Ridinshotgun Prohibition Juice Co

The car is loaded, go grab the 12 gauge and sit up front. We need to protect our cargo at all cost. We took a fresh bowl of homemade creamy vanilla pudding and loaded it full of your favorite golden creme cookies, resulting in a smooth and creamy comfort vape. Our final destination is vaping bliss.

Sin Tax Prohibition Juice Co

Our signature blend of sinfully smooth peanut butter and vanilla custard. There is certainly no tax on flavor here. Our favorite all day vape won’t dry you out and will have you begging for more PUH’BUDDUHHHHH.

Speakeasy Prohibition vapor ejuice

Weary travelers from far and wide come to the speakeasy for our signature root beer float. Sweet root beer in a frosted glass mug with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream. Refreshing, smooth and no password required.

White Lightning Ice Prohibition Juice Co

In the heart of summer the moonshiners are still bottling their signature blends. The humid conditions and blazing sun has left them needing a refreshing ice cold beverage. We took the White Lightning you know and love and added a refreshing ice cold finish. So wipe that sweat away, kick your feet up and enjoy the most refreshing vape on the planet.

White Lightning Prohibition Juice Co

The word is out and the people are lining up to fill their tanks and RDAs with our signature XXX ‘shine. We took a handful of your favorite watermelon hard candies and dissolved them in a pitcher of ice cold lemonade. This is a flavor that is so inconceivably delicious it should be illegal.